If you are not already in a team, you can create your own team and start recruiting other players to join!
  1. Tap the Team Button at the bottom left of the screen while on the Map.
  2. Tap the "Create Team" button at the top of the Teams Tab.
  3. Enter a Team Name. This is the name other players will see when looking at your team to join or during competition. Make sure it's friendly and inviting! You must choose a team name to create a team.
  4. Your Team Message is text you can write to detail your team goals and rules. This is an optional message.
  5. Choose a team badge that appears in the Team Windows and on the Leaderboards.
  6. The requirement options allow you to select whether your team is Open or Private, whether there is a minimum level requirement for joining, and what language your team prefers for communication.
  7. Tap Create a Team when you're all finished!